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      YSD Full Hydraulic Drill

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      YSD Full Hydraulic Drill

      * 作者 : admin * 發表時間 :2018-06-16 * 瀏覽 :

      YSD-I drill is a full hydraulic drill with independentintellectual property rights anda number of nationalpatents, and is independentresearched and developed,designed, and manufacturedby RANRAN MACHINERY.

      Main Application

      Drilling geothermal pump wells

      Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industries

      Drilling for geotechnical survey

      Drilling construction engineering holes

      Main Characters

      Multiple purposes and multiple functions drilling

      Large drill head inside diameter available for many rods(φ73、φ89、φ95)

      Specially designed rod structure makes it easy to connect and disconnect

      Easy to operate and maintenance High reliability and lone life of working

      Truck mounted Trailer mounted Crawler mounted are available for different place